Music has always been part of my life and although I now no longer play to the same extent that I once did, I continue to be deeply involved in musical projects and events, offering advice from my experiences gained in playing a range of instruments in a variety of performing situations.

I started my professional musical career on the Viola with performances in small chamber groups through to large operas. After becoming a skilled classical guitar player, I quickly became in demand from bands wishing to advance their depth of music. With my knowledge and ability to play most types of instruments I quickly started managing as well as coaching musicians in many different genres finding that my classical background and my interest in modern music provide a unique perspective on the music scene of today.

Although I am currently not playing publicly, I continue to teach guitar to a select group of pupils of all ages and have achieved significant success with them in competitions as individuals and in groups with many now frequently performing publicly themselves.

As well as teaching my own pupils, I have taught at Music and Performing Arts Centres and the National Youth Music Camp and frequently help other organisations. Alongside this, I continue to promote and encourage music hoping that a new generation of musicians will derive the same pleasure that I have done from my musical experiences.

In Summer 2014 I was inducted as a Fellow into the Royal Society of Arts, and in the best spirit of award ceremonies everywhere I can honestly say it is an honour that I would not have achieved without past and present pupils.

Biography of Guitar Tutor, Jonathan Stratford FRSA

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