Although every guitar lesson needs to be tailored to the specific needs of an individual pupil, after well over a decade of teaching I have settled on a format for guitar lessons that I believe has proved successful for the majority of beginner and intermediate guitarists (for advanced musicians a specific lesson plan ideally needs to be tailored to ensure the best use can be made of both lesson and practise time).

Generally a 30 minute lesson is sufficient for beginners on the guitar with this being extended as the pupil progresses. Practise time should be a minimum of 15 minutes a day for a beginner (best spread over a number of sessions) with more practise being encouraged.

Background music theory including the construction of scales and chords is taught alongside pieces of music to ensure that the pupil becomes self-reliant and has the ability to eventually work out how to play any piece of music that interests them. Pupils are encouraged to question how to play pieces of music they like and where possible, I will assist them in learning these pieces alongside the standard lesson material.

Tuition for classical or rock school grade exams is available for those pupils who wish to undertake these qualifications, but they are not part of my lesson requirements with many guitarists wanting to play the instrument for enjoyment without the burden of exams. Assistance with other forms of musical qualifications are also available for those pupils taking GCSE or A-Level music or theory exams.

For those pupils more interested in the practical, help and encouragement is available in the form of advice on performing either on their own or with others, rehearsing, forming a band and suitable equipment.

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