I always welcome new pupils regardless of their current standard and whatever reasons they have for playing the guitar. I encourage new pupils to learn music as well as the guitar whilst for more experienced players I am happy to discuss tailoring lessons to suit they requirements.

The lessons take place at your home with you needing to provide a quiet learning environment where I can teach, a suitable guitar and music stand. Other teaching material including books and music to listen to will either be recommended or provided.

Because learning the guitar is about more than just being able to play a few notes or strum some chords, I suggest that every beginner starts by learning to read and play some simple tunes. This helps establish a familiarity with the instrument as well as learning to read music, both notation and tab.

After several years experience teaching, I believe that the classical guitar is the most suitable instrument to begin learning on with it being the most forgiving and easiest to get a pleasing sound from early on. As you advance, you will be encouraged to develop your own musical taste and progress on to other types of guitar as you wish. I am also happy to advise on suitable instruments, amps and other equipment necessary for the continued enjoyment of playing the guitar.

More information on lessons can be found here or to contact me, please click here.

Guitar Lessons for New Pupils in Cheshire

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