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Potential students should contact J. Stratford via the website if they wish to have lessons. If the student is under 16 years of age, their parent or guardian must make the request on their behalf.

All communication including the lesson time will be made by the parent if the student is less than 16 years of age.

Communication may be made by telephone or email. If telephoning there is a voicemail available which J. Stratford will check up to 2 hours before the lesson commences. Emails will be checked 12 hours before the lesson. Text messages are not an acceptable method of communication.

Lesson content and practice

The student is expected to provide a suitable guitar with good condition strings, a music stand, a folder for their music, a sharp pencil and rubber and a suitable learning environment. Other teaching materials will be provided or recommended by J. Stratford.

The structure of the lessons generally adheres to the following; revision and demonstration of the students understanding of the previous lesson, any questions the student has relating to previous lessons, new material being explained and demonstrated via examples of pieces of music and J. Stratford's experiences, demonstration by the student that they understand the new material. The lesson will not be used to practice material already covered although the student can request further explanation of the material if necessary.

Students are expected to complete an amount of practice every day appropriate to their level of ability. For beginners this should amount to around one hour in total a week, whilst more advanced players should be completing at least five hours spread evenly throughout the week.

The parent or guardian of a student aged under 16 may, and are encouraged to, be present for some or all of the lesson. However they should do so in a way that does not distract the student, instead raising any issues with J. Stratford at the end of the lesson.

The student should not be consuming food or drink during the lesson and any possible distractions (mobile telephones, etc) should not be in the lesson.

Lesson times

Each lesson is for 30 minutes at the student's home address. If the student is under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present at all times.

The scheduling of lessons should be arranged with J. Stratford at the time of enrolment and remain permanent until the end of that school term when they may be reviewed and a new schedule imposed. Changes to the schedule may be arranged depending upon available lesson slots at the discretion of J. Stratford.

All lessons are arranged to run consecutively and therefore rearranging lesson times is usually not possible.

J. Stratford may begin the lesson half an hour either side of the scheduled lesson time with the lesson lasting for half an hour. This is to take account of delays in travelling to the lesson and any issues arising in the previous lesson. If the circumstances force the start of the lesson to be delayed for more than half an hour after its scheduled start, a refund or rescheduling of the lesson will be offered.

The 30-minute lesson starts from the time J. Stratford enters the premises, and if the student is under 16 years of age includes 5 minutes at the end of the lesson to communicate with the parent or guardian on any matters relating to the lesson.

The lesson begins at the scheduled time. If the student misses or arrives late to the lesson, then no extension is given. Upon arriving at the student's premises and finding the student absent, J. Stratford will wait for 10 minutes after the lesson is scheduled to start. After that time the lesson will be marked as missed.

A missed lesson may be rescheduled at J. Stratford's discretion if time and the circumstances warrant it.

If circumstances force J. Stratford to cancel the lesson, a refund or rescheduling of the lesson will be offered. Students who wish to cancel their lessons are expected to continue to the end of the current term. No refund of payment is made for lessons already booked.


The fee for a 30-minute lesson includes teaching aids, preparatory work and travelling time and is therefore dependent on the location of the pupil.

The fee for music lessons is payable in advance for that month and may be made in cash where a receipt will be given, or using Paypal on the website in the pupils area.

The minimum number of lessons that a student is expected to attend is 12 per school term (36 per year) although it is recommended that lessons continue where possible throughout the school holidays.

Payment will not be reimbursed for lessons missed unless at least 72 hours notice is given since J. Stratford's time will already have been committed. If pupils continue to miss lessons at short notice, their lesson slot may be reallocated at J Stratford's discretion.

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